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A local photographer's guide about Sopron, one of Hungary's most western cities with ancient Roman, Medieval, and Baroque building details, wonderful tourist destinations.

Shoot photos where you live!

There are stock photographers who travel the world, following their well-planned route, and take shots of the tourist sights that have probably been shot plenty of times. Doing so, they are becoming serious competitors of the local gifted photographers. Rather not? I believe things are quite different. Because you may plan your trip precisely, you may prepare yourself by digging deep in the guide books, you are able to take shots in the given circumstances. You cannot order the proper weather, or cannot change the number of people distracting your photo.

On the contrary, the local stock photographer, who not only knows every inch of the place and the surroundings better than anybody else, s/he is able to start a photo series at any time during the year. S/he looks out of the window, and if the light is just perfect, goes out for a walk to take awesome photos for his/her stock library portfolio.

Sopron on stock photos

On my favourite stock photo site, the British Alamy, 5700+ photos are stored that have the tags ‘sopron hungary not gyor’ (putting in not gyor is necessary to narrow down the results, excluding the county name Gyor-Moson-Sopron). Out of this number, 2500+ images have my name as the photographer.


Most of the other photos depict the Main Square, the Firewatch Tower (the symbol of Sopron), and also some of the well-photographed sights. All these are the images of traveling photographers.The captions (titles or descriptions) often contain mistakes or misspelled Hungarian words, sometimes the location is wrong.

Details that only local people know

Sopron could receive the title ‘The town of the small details’ beside the existing ‘Civitas fidelissima’ (The most faithful city). Let’s see some pearls from the string that I, as a local photographer, can easily visit day by day, and show you through my stock photos.


If I look out of the window…

Every city has its well recognizable sights (usually buildings). In my childhood, coming home from holiday by train, when we saw the TV-tower on top of the mountains around Sopron, we knew we were at home. Although the TV-tower was erected in 1969, it soon became an organic part of the cityscape of Sopron. Here come some images taken from our window, with the tower in the background.


The landscape around Sopron

Sopron is mostly surrounded by woodland. The Sopron Mountains with the Karoly lookout turret to the south, the Dudlesz forest on the Becsi-domb (hill) to the north, the Szarhalmi forest to the east. Looking west you can only see forests farther in Austria.

There is another peculiarity, the most eastern part of the Alps: the mountain Schneeberg. The German name means ’Snow mountain’, which is odd, as in Austria, there are much higher and bigger snowy mountains (e.g. the Alps). But seeing from Sopron, that is the only snowy peak. Therefore, the name might come from the people of Sopron, who are proud to live near a snowy mountain.

To see the Schneeberg in its whole beauty, you have to wait for the perfect weather conditions. It only happens a few times a year.

I say, starting from any point of the town, you can breath clear forest air after a short half an hour walk.


My selected photos on Fine Art America

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An often photographed view: Firewatch Tower with the Main Square. The evening mood, however, adds to the image.
Medieval stone window frame in Fo ter (Main Square).
Maybe the most decorated window railing above a door in Kolostor utca.
Sun/Flower graven motif on an old wooden gate in Halasz utca.
Stone plinth forming the shape of ancient Kingdom of Hungary in Lackner utca.
Coat of arms from 1622 on the wall of the Firewatch Tower
Cloudy but sunny weather over the city in spring. TV-tower in the background.
Sun rays in the morning, the TV tower in the background.
Sunset in autumn with the TV tower.
The TV-tower on a winter day.
The Karoly lookout tower.
The most popular part of the Sopron Mountains with a road towards Karoly lookout tower
The Varhely lookout tower. Place of an ancient earth castle.