Matchbox Models of Yesteryear cars on professional photographs

Unique photos of old-timer cars available as wall art prints or postcards on Fine Art America. I add some background infos here about why these images are so special.

The first items of my Matchbox Yesteryear collection

As you will see below, I am not a collector in the classic meaning of the word. I don’t own each and every colour variant or rarity with manufacturing defect. Originally (and for a long time), I had only those 10-15 models from the late 1960s, early 1970s that I received as a child. Even then, I highly appreciated these wonderful items, therefore, I kept them (in their boxes) in very good condition until today.

And when I bought my portable photo box, the passion for collecting models gripped me again, since very nice photos can be taken of them with a macro lens in front of white background.

My collection

Összevásároltam tehát minden kb.1965 és 1985 között, Angliában gyártott Yesteryear modellt, de mindegyikből csak azt a változatot, ami tetszik. Az első sorozat (1950-es évek, 1960-as évek eleje) modelljei nem a kedvenceim, még kiforratlanok, így azokkal sosem foglalkoztam. Valamint az 1970-es években, az akkori divat szerint újraszínezett és széles kerékkel felszerelt változatok (amiknek egyébként megvan az eredeti, keskeny-kerekes változata) sem részei a gyűjteményemnek. Igen, jól látod, hogy számomra nem az a lényeg, hogy minden fellelhető modellt és változatot összevásároljak, aztán a vitrinben nézegessem őket :-) Gyerekkoromban én is sokat játszottam velük, és most a fiam is szívesen tologatja őket.

So, I purchased all models manufactured in England between ca. 1965 and 1985, though, only the versions I liked best. The models of the first series (1950s, early 1960s) are not my favourites, they are somewhat immature, so I have never dealt with those. And, neither are the re-coloured (with harsh paint), re-wheeled (with wider tires) versions part of my collections. Yes, as you see, it has been not important to buy all Yesteryear models in all versions to watch them in my display case :-) As a child I played a lot with them, now my son likes to push them (of course very carefully).

Why black and white?

One of the specialities of my photo series is that it consists of only b&w images. The car brand written with the original letters together with the year of manufacture is also there. But why black and white? I may make the coloure versions available some time, but the elaborated details are much more visible, the often too harsh colours don’t drive your attention away from the them.

Where can you have a closer look at the series?

Below, I’m going to show you some photos of my favourites, which (together with all the others) can be purchased at Fine Art America as wall art prints or postcards.

Here is a taste of my most beloved models


Last, here is a colour version of the Cadillac. I believe it is not at all so dramatic as its monochrome fellows.


This Stutz is my favourite one. The sparkling paint details are nicely shown in black and white.
The peculiar bumper also makes the Duesenberg model interesting in this macro shot.
Is it the bigger and special wheels or the elegant black-yellow paint, but the Daimler model is maybe the dearest to me.
The shape of the Bugatti is the most typical from above.