Late architect György Hárs's watercolors and drawings from the early 20th century

My grandfather, György Hárs, an architect, painted and drew very well. Some of his works have survived in a sketchbook for posterity. After digitization and restoration, I published the images. They can be purchased in print at Fine Art America, and as stock photos at Alamy.

About the artist

The motto of the website I made about him: "My grandfather, with whom I was in hospital at the same time: he passed, I came…".

So he was my grandfather, whom I could never know personally, but whose talent touched me through his works. As an architect, he had to draw a lot, make sketches, and, as evidenced by his surviving works, he was happy to take out the brush, or pencil, during his holidays. He never made a big deal out of his otherwise superb paintings, most of them waiting in an average sketchbook for posterity to discover.


He lived and worked in Sopron as an architect for most of his life, and here he gained recognition through his professional activity. Among the works I found, however, we do not find local themes.

About the artwork

His published works were all made on holidays. They can be divided into two parts, the pictures painted in Dalmatia (Croatia and Montenegro) in 1938 and those created in the Danube Bend (Hungary) in 1955. Some of the themes are available as both color pencil drawing and watercolor version.



The tempera paintings made on black paper are framed, while the other pictures waited in sketchbooks to be revealed to the public.

Digital restoration

On the original watercolors, with the exception of the framed ones, time has left a visible mark. The pages are yellowed, and spots are scattered in many places.

So I had to restore the images before publishing. I planned the publication in digital form anyway, so I photographed the works.


I carefully retouched the discolorations and stains on the paper, which in some cases also complemented the original painting. Of course, I also brightened the colors, so the digital copies perfectly reproduce the strong colors my grandfather loved.

Where are the pictures available?

Dunakanyar - watercolor by György Hárs, 1955
Dunakanyar - drawing by György Hárs, 1955
Curzola, Croatia - tempera painting by György Hárs, 1938
Curzola, Croatia - pencil drawing by György Hárs, 1938
Watercolor by György Hárs, 1938 - original yellowed, spotted paper
Watercolor by György Hárs, 1938 - digitally retuched
György Hárs (1898-1971) drawing at the Dunakanyar (Danube Bend, Hungary) (1955?)