I do stock photography with Alamy, as well as sell my photos as wall art prints with Fine Art America/Pixels. My portfolio stands on four main pillars:

The role of stock photography and art photo prints for wall decoration are partly similar but partly quite different.

While the task of stock photos is mainly to realistically present and show the world around us, it is the atmosphere of a wall art photo that captures the viewer.

There are photos that don’t get out of the digital world, and we see them in online publications, ebooks, websites, and social media. However, other photos look good on the wall or on a calendar, even on a book cover.

Due to overlaps, my portfolio created at Alamy includes all of my photos, while my portfolio uploaded to Fine Art America includes only my curated photos that fit for wall print.

On this website, I present a taste of my images with direct links to my portfolio.